What Causes Large Labia and What You Can Do About It?

Labia minora are the skin folds arranged on one or the other side of the vaginal opening. These ‘lips’ encompass and safeguard the clitoris and the openings of the urethra and vagina. 

Labia minora are outlined by the labia majora, also called the external labia, which are thicker and fatter. Large labia are significantly larger than normal labia. Labia come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and all are typical. However, not all women have enlarged labia than usual, which can cause discomfort that causes torment during sex and inconvenience during day exercises, like riding a bicycle. Assuming that a large labia is adversely affecting these exercises, a few ladies look to labiaplasty to have the size of their labia decreased to a more agreeable size. 

What are the symptoms of labial hypertrophy? 

 Assuming you have only mild labial hypertrophy, you may not see it. Labia minora, however, are significantly more delicate than the defensive labia majora. That is why developing labia minora can cause a couple of challenges. Labial hypertrophy can cause a perceptible lump in your clothing, particularly while you’re wearing a swimsuit. 

 Different symptoms of labial minor hypertrophy include:  

Cleanliness Issues

If a particular area is very delicate, you might be advised against touching it. It can also be trickier to clean between the folds of skin, especially during your period. This might prompt constant diseases. 


Long labia can rub on your clothing. Drawn-out rubbing can cause unpleasant, bothered skin that is particularly sensitive. 

Torment and Distress 

Broadened labia can sting during proactive tasks, particularly those that put a squeeze on the genital region. A few examples are horseback riding and bicycle riding. 

Agony and inconvenience can also occur during sexual foreplay or intercourse. 

How could it be analyzed?

 There’s no unique test to determine whether you have labial hypertrophy. However, if your labia minora extends beyond your labia majora, your PCP might diagnose it as labial hypertrophy upon actual assessment. There is no exact way to estimate whether the labia are hypertrophied since the determination is primarily based on an actual test and the person’s side effects. 

Large Labia Causes

There’s no reasonable reason for labial hypertrophy. However, to what some believe, it isn’t caused by masturbation or physically transmissible disease. Potential reasons for labial hypertrophy include: 

  • Hereditary qualities: Some children are born with huge or sporadically formed labia.
  • Hormonal causes: For obscure reasons, the labia might create or change unusually during adolescence or after labor.
  • Maturing: Changes over the long haul might also prompt labial hypertrophy.
  • Prohibitive apparel: Regularly wearing a dress that is tight against the labia can prompt changes.
  • Dynamic cycling: People who are ardent or cutthroat during bike riding might encounter many repeated injuries to the area that prompted the development of a protective layer of fat in the labia majora.

When you’re worried about your labia or changes in your labia, consult a physician. 

Large Labia Treatments

 Generally speaking, labia hypertrophy doesn’t need treatment. It’s just an aesthetic difference like any other. However, for those women who experience discomfort, a few extremely simple changes can help to reduce their side effects. 

Avoid Using Harsh Cleaning Products

Bothering can be decreased by utilizing a hypoallergenic cleanser that is free from harsh synthetic compounds and scents. In addition, ensure that you only use unscented tampons and sterile towels. Wearing baggy clothing and apparel may likewise reduce erosion — with normal materials (like cotton or material) further enhancing the wind stream. 

Padding the Region 

Another basic fix is wearing a defensive cushion or utilizing a padded seat while doing proactive tasks like cycling. You might need to painstakingly situate the labia where they will be generally agreeable before you work out. This method may also help while wearing attire that could cause you to feel more unsure, for example, a swimming outfit or swimsuit. 

Skin Creams and Salves

It merits visiting your primary care physician to examine if any side effects, as they might have the option to offer a few arrangements (for example a skin balm to alleviate bothering). 

Restorative Medical Procedure 

Firstly, lifestyle changes are not enough to help some women suffering from the real side effects of amplified labia. Similarly, others might feel that they are experiencing ‘huge labia uneasiness’ due to how the region looks. If labia hypertrophy is influencing your life by affecting your physical or psychological well-being then, you might wish to discuss labia reduction with one of our accomplished specialists. 

However, Restorative treatments have an element of risk, like every operation. It must therefore be attempted by consenting, informed individuals for the right reasons. Our specialists will continuously look at the details of what will happen during every procedure. They will also answer any inquiries you might have, so you can make the most informed decision for your body. 


 Labiaplasty is a short-term treatment normally performed by plastic surgeons. Moreover, they might remove the tissues with careful cutting devices or utilize an intensity-based method called radiofrequency (RF) treatment. Nevertheless, several careful procedures are being used: 

  • Deepithelialization: Best appropriate for insignificant hypertrophy, this method involves eliminating a limited quantity of tissue and also protect the general form of the labia minora. 
  • Direct extraction: Tissues are removed clearly; in any case, the regular tone, shape, and surface of the labia minora are lost, a scar might be apparent, and the stylish result is by and large viewed as poor.
  • Wedge resection: The specialist removes a V-shaped wedge from low on the labia minora, then fastens the edges together. This soothes out the normal edge of the tissues and results in a superior appearance.

Labiaplasty usually takes around an hour and might be performed with one or the other nearby or general sedation. Moreover, Recuperation usually takes around a month and a half. 


How can you determine if your labia is large? 

It is not possible to determine whether you have labial hypertrophy. Even so, if your labia minora extends past your labia majora, your primary care physician might diagnose it as labial hypertrophy upon actual assessment. 

How would you dispose of additional labia? 

Labiaplasty is a surgery normally done to diminish the size of the labia minora — skin overlap that encompasses your urethra and also vagina. Overabundant skin can get bent and squeezed, causing inconvenience during exercise, proactive tasks, and intercourse. 

Is it normal to have large labia? 

A larger-looking labia minora might be ordinary. From the get-go in the pubertal interaction, the labia minora may look much larger than the labia majora (external lips of the vulva). As patients travel through adolescence, they store more fat in the labia majora. 


 Labial hypertrophy (developed vaginal lips) is normal among women, with its chances increasing with age 

 Some ladies are born with large external labia — or jutting, huge inward labia. Even so, most see that as the result of factors like pubescence, pregnancy, labor, menopause, disease, drugs, and maturing. 

By and large, it leads to no issues. In any case, some women might find that it influences their everyday life and fearlessness 

There are a few extremely basic, powerful methods for further developing comfort outlined above – however, a medical procedure might be viewed as where there is a significant effect on physical or mental prosperity.

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