This Nerve Influences Nearly Every Internal Organ. Can It Improve Our Mental State, Too?

This Nerve Influences Nearly Every Internal Organ

One of our body’s longest nerves has been touted as a cure-all for anxiety and other psychological problems on social media. According to the research, here’s what you need to know. Especially on social media, the vagus nerve has become a popular topic in recent years. Several influencers attribute the vagal nerve fibers, which run … Read more

When Your Job Harms Your Mental Health

When Your Job Harms Your Mental Health

At work, Naomi Osaka advocated for her well-being. Here’s how you can do it, too. We’ve all been Naomi Osaka at some point in our lives, haven’t we? OK, we may never know what it’s like to be the second-ranked tennis player in the world, or to be the highest-paid female athlete in the world. … Read more

Turmeric Powder: Definition, Benefits, Uses, And More

Turmeric Powder

Powdered turmeric is a spice recognised for giving food colouration, taste, and nourishment. This dark, golden-orange spice is a sibling of ginger and a native Asian plant. In China and India, turmeric powder is used in ayurveda and other traditional medical practices. Advantages of Using Powdered Turmeric  Turmeric, or precisely the ingredient curcumin, is a … Read more

HIPAA-Compliant Answering Services- Importance

HIPAA-Compliant Answering Services

Significant developments are currently taking place in the healthcare sector. Every year the healthcare sector is noticeably different from the one before it because of technological changes and constantly evolving legal and regulatory frameworks. Despite this, there is one element that is always important and strictly enforced: HIPAA compliance. HIPAA regulations assist in safeguarding patient … Read more

Breast Cancer Centers Urge Early, Annual Scans, Countering U.S. Guidelines

Breast Cancer Centers Urge Early, Annual Scans, Countering U.S. Guidelines

Hundreds of centers are telling women 40 and up to come in annually, contrary to a panel’s recommendation for biennial screenings starting at 50. Mammograms may cause more harm than good, according to some experts. Several weeks before the mysterious new disease was discovered in China, I had my last breast cancer screening “b.c.” – … Read more

“This Is Really Scary”: Kids Struggle With Long Covid

"This Is Really Scary": Kids Struggle With Long Covid

Many lingering physical, mental, and neurological effects are plaguing children as well as adults. For many, these effects are a result of their initial coronavirus infection. Will Grogan looked blankly at his ninth-grade biology homework. It was a book he had studied earlier, but it looked totally strange. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” … Read more