Why Is Gut Health Taking Over TikTok?

Why Is Gut Health Taking Over TikTok

There is no overnight shortcut to better digestive health, regardless of what social media might lead you to believe. TikTok floods with hundreds of videos offering tips and tricks for “hacking” your gut every few months. Aloe vera juice was promoted by influencers in March: “My digestive system, like my gut health?” “Never been better,” … Read more

Body Contouring: What Is It and Is It for You?

Body Contouring

People wear corsets and body shapers frequently. They have become an easy way of looking slimmer without working out. But when people hear the words “body contouring machine”, they hesitate. Is it as extreme as it sounds? Let’s talk about some myths.  Now, what does body sculpting involve? Body sculpting removes excess fat, tightens skin, … Read more

Six Common Ingredients Found In Immunity-Boosting Supplements


The human body is constantly exposed to various pathogens and toxins, which can weaken the immune system and cause illnesses. To combat this, people have turned to immunity tablets containing a combination of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that work together to improve the body’s natural defences. A balanced microbiome helps regulate the immune system, … Read more