Crooked Toes: Types, Treatment & Why My Toes Crooked?

Crooked toes are a typical condition you might be brought into the world with or procure over the long haul. There are various kinds of crooked toes and a few likely reasons for this condition.

Assuming you or your youngster has at least one crooked toes, you might be worried that they will decline, or become agonizing, in the event that they haven’t as of now.

Crooked toes don’t necessarily in every case require clinical treatment. Way of life changes and nonsurgical fixes can frequently help, as well as careful arrangements, if necessary.

Types of Crooked Toes

Here are a few normal kinds of crooked toe:

Wavy Toe

Wavy toe is an inherent condition that influences babies and kids. Guardians may not see that their child has a wavy toe until the person starts to walk. Children with wavy toes have toes that twist under, as a rule on the two feet.

This condition will in general happen in the third or fourth toe of each foot. A wavy toe is now and again alluded to as an underlapping toe since the impacted toes twist under the toes they’re close to. Wavy toe in infants now and again revises itself without treatment.

Hammer Toe

A sled toe is any toe that has a strange twist in the center joint. It’s brought about by a lopsidedness between the tendons, muscles, and ligaments that cooperate to hold the toes straight.

Hammertoes are probably going to happen in the second or third toe of one of the two feet. This condition is more normal in ladies than in men. Your gamble for hammertoe might go up as you age.

Mallet Toe

Mallet’s toes are like hammertoes, aside from the strange curve that happens in the top joint of the toe that is nearest to the toenail. This condition is brought about by muscle, tendon, or ligament irregularity.

Paw Toe

Paw toes twist under towards the bottom of the foot, and may even dive into the foot. As well as being agonizing or awkward, paw toes can cause open bruises, corns, or calluses.

Covering Toe

A covering toe is any toe that sits on top of a nearby toe. Covering toes can be available in babies, kids, and grown-ups. They might happen on one of the two feet and are similarly prone to influence men as ladies.

Adductovarus Toe

Crooked adductor’s toes pivot into the toe against where they are arranged. This sort of crooked toe is most ordinarily found in the fourth or fifth toes of one of the two feet.

For What Reason are My Toes Crooked?

Your toes could be crooked on the grounds that you have an awkwardness in the tendons, ligaments, bones, and muscles that control their positions. Resources suggest that this awkward nature could be brought about by:

  • Neuropathy
  • Nerve harm
  • Injury
  • Hereditary qualities
  • Wearing ill-advised shoes, for example, shoes that are excessively little or limited

Inconveniences of Crooked Toes

At the point when left untreated, crooked toes might cause confusions that make it troublesome or awkward for you to walk or be portable. They include:

  • agony or bothering, particularly while wearing shoes
  • aggravation
  • open bruises
  • corns and calluses
  • shortening of toe length
  • the extremely durable curve in the toe
  • joint unbending nature and failure to move the toe

Treatment of Crooked Toes

How you treat a crooked toe will really matter how serious and durable the condition has been. Assuming that your toes are as yet adaptable, way of life changes might be sufficient to address the condition. On the off chance that inflexibility has proactively happened, more forceful clinical arrangements might be required.

Answers for fixing crooked toes include:

Purchase Shoes That Fit

Assuming your toes are adaptable and can continue their regular arrangement, changing your footwear might be sufficient to address the issue. Rather than high heels, choose lower, stacked heels or pads, and save the stiletto heels for transient extraordinary events.

Likewise pick open shoes that give adequate room for your toes to lie level, and fan out. Setting toe cushions or insoles inside your shoes may likewise assist with easing distress and backing the toe to continue its legitimate arrangement.

Practice Your Feet

Foot practices intended to extend the muscles and ligaments of the toes might help. Have a go at getting little items with your toes, or utilizing them to fold delicate textures, like a towel. Working with an actual specialist may likewise be valuable.

Toe Dividing

Episodic proof demonstrates that utilizing a toe separating apparatus can be useful for lightening crooked toes. Toe separating instruments are accessible over-the-counter. They can be worn with shoes, or alone, during rest.

Toe Tapping

Toe-tapping isn’t regularly suggested for newborn children brought into the world with an intrinsic crooked toe. Notwithstanding, one little study Trusted Source showed a critical improvement in 94% of babies who had toe taping done for underlapping or covering the toe.


Assuming your toe is adaptable, your PCP might suggest keeping it in a fixed situation with the assistance of support, toe wrap, or different sorts of orthotic gadgets.

Medical Procedure

Assuming your toe has become inflexible and forever crooked, careful medicines might be suggested, especially in the event that you’re encountering torment and issues with portability.

The medical procedure might include cutting or eliminating a little part of the toe joint and pivoting the toe into a straight position. Your PCP may likewise eliminate segments of bone that are harmed or crooked.

The methods used to address crooked toes are normally done on a short-term premise. Your foot might be set in support during recuperation for as long as about fourteen days post-medical procedure. You may likewise be expected to wear a mobile boot for quite a long time thereafter.

Note: Crooked toes, bent toes, and bowed toes are incredibly interesting in shoeless populaces or in gatherings who don’t wear traditional footwear, with its numerous damaging plan highlights.


For what reason are my toes twisting lower?

Toes that twist down are much of the time a sign of either a strong awkwardness or a nerve issue. There are three related, yet unique, conditions where this occurs – hammer toe, hammer toe, and hook toe. Hammertoe – Often influences the subsequent toe and the digit twists at the center joint down toward the floor.

Is it typical for toes to be crooked?

Crooked toes aren’t simply a corrective issue. They can cause foot torment, and they can prompt perilous confusions in the event that you have diabetes, deadness in your feet, or circulatory issues. Converse with your medical services supplier or a podiatrist to figure out how to deal with your crooked toes.

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