What is Vestibular Papillomatosis? Symptoms & Treatment

Vestibular Papillomatosis

Vulvar vestibular papillomatosis sometimes called vulvar squamous papillomatosis or simply vestibular papillomatosis is a harmless condition that results in the development of papillae. These are papules or small developments on the vulva. These small bumps, around one to two millimeters, are sparkly, skin-shaded, or pinkish projections and usually occur in an orderly fashion, or in … Read more

What to Know About Chondrocalcinosis? Causes & Treatment


Chondrocalcinosis (in a real sense calcification of the ligament) is a term that describes the radiological appearance of calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate embedded inside one or the other fibrocartilage (for example menisci) or hyaline ligament. Chondrocalcinosis becomes increasingly common as people age to such an extent that it tends to see in 20% of the populace … Read more