Body Contouring: What Is It and Is It for You?

People wear corsets and body shapers frequently. They have become an easy way of looking slimmer without working out. But when people hear the words “body contouring machine”, they hesitate. Is it as extreme as it sounds? Let’s talk about some myths. 

Now, what does body sculpting involve? Body sculpting removes excess fat, tightens skin, and shapes your body. So, you might wonder how supermodels look the way they do. They have perfect curves and flawless skin that never seems to have a bad day. Thanks to body contouring, models can labour through hours of modelling every day, but they never have baggy eyes, bloated tummies, or double chins. 

Why Do People Do It?

Whether you’d like to accept it or not, people care about their appearance. The halo effect has been replicable in multiple settings: from work to dating life. Looking your best has never been more important than in today’s era of materialism. And if you have the resources, why not put on your best face? 

Body contouring gives you the perfect body you always imagined. With flawless skin and a jaw-dropping body, you can walk into any room with the confidence that you own it. 

Types of Body Contouring

Body contouring involves breaking down unwanted fat from parts like the arm, stomach, thighs, and back. Lipolysis can be a surgical or a non-surgical procedure.

#1 Surgical Procedure

Lasting about 40 minutes to 2 hours, the surgical procedure might leave a few marks on the skin that will fade in a few weeks. Meanwhile, it is done under local or general anaesthesia and involves removing fat or reshaping tissue under the skin. Excess skin is also removed so that skin appears natural and healthy after the healing process. 

#2 Non-Surgical Procedure

The non-surgical procedure also lasts a similar duration, and it requires the use of a body contouring machine. First, a drug is injected into the tissue that needs to be treated. And using a wand or a paddle for larger areas, ultrasound waves or laser beams are delivered over the area, which begins the lipolysis process. 

What a Body Contouring Machine Does

Some machines use electromagnetic pulses that burn unwanted fat; this might take a few sessions since it is a slower and more careful process. These appliances use suction with vacuuming technology that can reduce cellulite and the appearance of wrinkles. 


Surgical procedures have higher risks than non-surgical procedures. Some risks include blood clotting, nerve damage, scarring, infections, and side effects of anaesthesia. And comparatively, the risks of non-surgical procedures are milder. You might see some redness, tenderness, pain, and swelling. 

Non-surgical procedures were developed to avoid the risks associated with surgical procedures. As such, despite being slightly more expensive, they are preferable, safety-wise, over surgical procedures. Still, surgical procedures continue to be practised because they are cheap and give much quicker results than the alternative.

Verdict: Is It Safe?

Body sculpting has been around for many years now. The field of cosmetic surgery has seen many mishaps and has learned from them. As such, these minor surgeries have been perfected more than most. You could now have a session in the morning and still go grocery shopping in the evening; you don’t need to hide for weeks anymore because you want to get a brow lift. 

Meanwhile, although it is safe if you choose to go with surgical procedures, take care of the wound as your doctor advises to prevent the risk of infection. 

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