What is the HbA1c Blood Test For?

HbA1c Blood Test

The HbA1c is a type of blood test that shows how well your diabetes is being managed. It’s also known as the hemoglobin A1c test, sometimes called an A1C. HbA1c is a Blood Test That Shows How Much Glucose is in Your Blood: Glucose is something that the body uses for energy, and there are … Read more

The Case of the Serial Sperm Donor

The Case of the Serial Sperm Donor

A man, hundreds of children, and a burning question: Why? Vanessa van Ewijk, a carpenter in the Netherlands, decided to have a child in 2015. Like many women, she sought a sperm donor when she was 34 and single. A fertility clinic would have been an option for her, but the cost was prohibitive. A … Read more

The Connection Between Sleep and Physical Health

Sleep and Physical Health

Good physical health is a blessing and something that every individual should work to achieve and maintain. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are among the few practices that can help you in this endeavor. There have been countless scientific studies that have found a strong link between quality sleep and good health. Getting enough … Read more

5 Essential Tips to Choose a psychiatrist

Choose a psychiatrist

Studies suggest that about seven crore Indians suffer from different forms of mental illness. It means about one in every twenty people in the country needs psychiatric help. Furthermore, the society mired by stigma and superstition around psychiatry may not reveal the exact figures. So, it has become necessary for people to seek a qualified … Read more

How to Select the Best Sanitary Pads in India?

How to Select the Best Sanitary Pads

Choosing sanitary pads can be a difficult task. Many brands are available in the market, making it even more confusing. If you want to buy the best sanitary pads for your needs, then follow these steps: Always Buy from Trusted Brands: When buying sanitary pads online, you should always buy from trusted brands. Avoid buying the … Read more